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Pain in passion


Miley Cyrus

Sarah Taryam, Arts Editor

Singing is a form of expression for musicians. So it’s not a surprise when pop stars use their music to vent their feelings and send a message. This week we are taking a look at singers who have sung their revenge with loaded lyrics and a good tune.

Miley Cyrus is back with a new single after not releasing any music for the last three years. Her comeback track is titled “Flowers” and has been described as a revenge tune centering around her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth. The day the song was released just happened to be his birthday, which fans think is an even bigger confirmation that the song is about him.

Critics are guessing that since it has been a while since Miley released music, and since her last album “Plastic Hearts” did so well, she would have wanted to return with a real bang. The revenge song seems like the perfect way to do that and the heartfelt lyrics with her emotional, raspy voice are the perfect combination.

Another artist who has made herself known for her multiple revenge songs is the brilliant Taylor Swift. She has made a habit out of turning her relationship troubles into winning music tracks. On the receiving end of her hits have been John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal and even Katy Perry with whom it was rumoured she had a falling out.

Beyoncé is another one who has vented her relationship frustrations into her soulful music. She solidified her title as the Queen of Pop when she released “Irreplaceable” which was part of her “B’Day” album in 2006. Ten years later she went on to release “Lemonade” which is supposed to be about her husband Jay-Z’s alleged infidelity.

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