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The visionary leadership of the country always keeps the nation first.

The visionary leadership of the United Arab Emirates always believes in a well-educated nation because an educated society is the future of the country (“UAE students to present pioneering research at Arab Health,” Jan. 24, Gulf Today website).

According to the report, students from the United Arab Emirates will take centre stage at Arab Health, the leading healthcare exhibition in the Middle East, which takes place from Jan.3 to Feb.2 at the Dubai World Trade Centre, with the launch of the inaugural Future Doctor Programme.

As part of the new initiative, students from the region have developed research addressing key topics within the UAE healthcare industry, including radiology, surgery, emergency medicine, pain management, sustainability in healthcare and healthcare innovation, amongst others.

There is no doubt that Arab Health is the best platform where medical students will have the opportunity to discuss their findings and engage in scientific discussion with experts which will enhance their learning ability and give them confidence for further studies.

Hats off to the great leaders of the United Arab Emirates who always keep the nation first and provide its nationals with the best life, health facility, and high standard education because the leadership believes a well-educated and healthy nation is the future of the country.

Insha Ahmed,
By email

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