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Thanks a ton for making every one life undemanding and congenial with everything available with a click of a button. Our upcoming generation of young adults is the first group to have lived their entire lives with computers.

Current college students and twenty-somethings can reminisce about their early grade school days in which they still did the research for reports and case studies in libraries.

I personally used to love compiling my projects using my wit rather than depending on technology. The current scenario vigours even small kids to have a computer at home to be familiar with the internet.

After growing up with computers as such a natural part of life kids are more prone to new technologies and exposed to more ideas. Many of them are comfortable working their way around new programmes getting well-versed in new technological interfaces and are open to change.

These are natural to children in this generation in a way that is similar to the previous generations’ comfort level with compact discs. High school students all have a smartphone with them with socials available for them to do anything and everything.

A painless hunt on the internet can help them find anything from help with their homework to pictures of animals with captions to even calculating the simplest mathematics.

Some people worry that the instant gratification of the internet could be causing kids to develop short attention spans. Though this may be true for some it has also taught other children powerful multi-tasking skills that will serve them later in life.

They are at an age comfortable to make connections with other people through the web. At the same time, parents watch out. It is imperative for you to take care of your wards and make them aware of predators who are online.

The hi-tech world is filled with cyberbullying, scams, and attackers waiting to get hold of personal details and if we are not vigilant this might lead to severe repercussions.

As adults continue to adjust to the rapidly changing pace of the internet and other new technologies, today’s children will adjust differently. While adults are keeping up with new technologies, the kids are simply following along.

For children who have always grown up with personal computers readily available, each new advancement is simply another progression into an already fast-paced and interconnected world. We all learn to use socials wisely and learn to draw the line.

Mathew Litty,

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