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Trendy fashion

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Due to the colossal fashion outfits we see in markets at times, it can get very challenging to pick what we want. This is why we preplan and that’s what I do when it comes to garments and those that are on my fashion list. Luckily, my fashion sense is “Over the top” especially after I had slimmed down so wearing anything can suit me except the colour that I have to be picky about.  If you’re in shape you feel that confidence in wearing what suits you. Yes, people do watch us and especially after I leave the mirror and head out.

Most of us love to be tip-top in front of others, when we are out in public ¬– say attending a conference, an interview, or a wedding, or if you want to do a business presentation – catch up with peers or even do your little grocery shopping. So, try to reckon when we want to get that beautiful glimpse in front of the camera.

Fashion trends keep changing but this does not cite that you read a magazine and yearn to shop. What we wear speaks for ourselves and most importantly whether we have the right fit matters.

Thanks to the offices for imposing relaxed fittings for employees. But many of us need to know what to wear and what suits us. Yes, we have to progress but seeing is believing.

Fashion is an “in” thing. It’s something accepted and restricted to clothing but manners, etiquette, and lifestyle are equally impotant. We want to look perky and savvy due to the inherent natural desire to be seen and admired by others which eventually makes us feel good about ourselves.

Too many of us spend a lot of time in front of the mirror grooming ourselves but I am wondering if we used to do this during the olden days. Way back it was just a simple T-shirt and a pair of jeans.

Currently, there is a lot of work done on T-shirts, sarees, jeans, kurtas, jackets, and shorts you name it.

An awesome amount of money goes for maquillage and top outfits to be in sync. Having said that my mantra for fashion is clothes, shoes, and cosmetics go hand in hand. Thanks to the innovative fashion designers out there designing a myriad of outfits for the public to wear what we want; whether we are really comfortable in it is what matters.

Mathew Litty,

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