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United in glory


Sarah Taryam, Arts Editor

Today is the 51st National Day of the United Arab Emirates. Our beautiful country celebrates 51 years of harmony and unity, 51 years of strength and innovation, and 51 years of being a glorious place for all to live in.

As the UAE, its citizens and residents alike, come together to celebrate these 51 years, we reflect on all the wonderful things that make the UAE the marvelous country that it is. Our country is built on the hard work of its inspirational rulers across the seven emirates. Our country is brought together by the continuous support and encouragement we receive from them on a daily basis in all aspects of life.


I have often been asked, while on holiday in different corners of the world, what life is like in the UAE. When I start to explain, I reach a point where I feel words are not enough. You need to live here to experience it. And for the people who have uprooted their lives and left their home countries to start a new life here, they know exactly what I mean.

We owe immense gratitude to the people who make this place the glorious country that it is. A country which encourages, supports and fulfills all promises to be great and to be the best.

For all of us today, let us be thankful for our beautiful country and continue to make each other and our country proud. Happy National Day to all of our readers.

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