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Ukraine power plant effuses fire after a major Russian attack.

Ukraine power plant effuses fire after a major Russian attack.

It is a welcome move by the United States of America to help Ukraine restore its electricity as Ukraine is facing a huge electricity problem after a Russian missile struck its power grid a few days back (“US to help Ukraine restore electricity,” Nov.29, Gulf Today website).

According to the report, the United States will announce new aid on Tuesday to help Ukraine restore electricity as its people face another week of brutal cold and darkness after Russian missile strikes on its power grid caused rolling blackouts. Russia has targeted Ukraine’s power plants, transmission and distribution facilities and water pumping stations since early October, with each barrage having greater impact than the last as damage accumulates and winter sets in.

The world needs peace. Unnecessary wars that lead the world to destruction must be stopped now. The world should play its honest role to bring about a solution to the ongoing Russia and Ukraine war.

If the current situation between Russia and Ukraine remains the same it will be a disaster for the whole world. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is right as he has said he expects new attacks that could be as bad as last week’s bombardment, which left millions of people with no heat, water or power. The war between Russia and Ukraine produced only hate, human losses and destruction. The war has not only affected Russia and Ukraine but also the whole world facing unprecedented inflation because of the rise in oil and gas and commodities prices.

I hope the sense of peace will prevail once again among all stakeholders of the Russia and Ukraine conflict. Nothing is impossible in this world. Things can be solved through meaningful dialogue. I am sure the world’s powerful countries are capable and can use their influence on both sides of the leadership and bring them to the negotiating table for the sake of both the countries and for a peaceful world.

Jashan Jahan,
By email

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