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Right decision


China placed several big cities under fresh lockdowns as a record number of new Covid cases came to the fore.

The world has faced the deadliest coronavirus, the virus that hits the world once in a hundred years, and is still posing a threat globally.

It’s so important to deal with COVID-19 carefully till the World Health Organisation officially announces the end pandemic (“China COVID cases hit fresh record high,” Nov.27, Gulf Today website).

The news from China that posted another record high COVID-19 infections on Monday after an extraordinary weekend of protest across the country over restrictive coronavirus curbs, in scenes unprecedented since President Xi Jinping assumed power a decade ago is alarming and needs to be deal with care for the sake of human life.

According to the report, in Shanghai, demonstrators and police clashed on Sunday, with police taking away a busload of protesters, with the BBC saying that police assaulted and detained one of its journalists covering the events before releasing him after several hours. Stocks and oil slid sharply as the rare protests raised worries about the management of China’s zero-COVID policy.

It’s the government’s responsibility to take necessary action to save people from the COVID-19 pandemic.

From the start of COVID-19 pandemic, coronavirus has killed millions of people around the world, billions of people are suffering from the disease and struggling for their lives.

In the recent past so many countries took tough decisions to stop spreading coronavirus to others and it helped save people from the coronavirus infections.

The way the Chinese government worked hard to save its people in the recent past, I am sure the Chinese authorities are capable of facing the new emerging COVID-19 threat and save its people from it through implementing COVID-19 standard operating procedures.

Fahad Nausherwani,
By email

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