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In this digital era, we are surrounded by social media influencers who say or show whatever they want. This is absolutely fine. There is nothing wrong about it. I appreciate their hard work but social media is free we all know, but it comes with a huge responsibility. Influencers should be aware about the subject they choose to talk about. They should know that those who speak on the subject on TV or write about something in a newspaper are trained in the subject.  They know the importance of each and every word they write or speak, unlike influencers who go on and on just for likes.

It hurts me seeing people on social media talking about films, sports, fashion or travelling without having sound knowledge of that. Even I have noticed that they take interviews of celebrities which makes no sense. They should first learn the art, what they are doing then should go ahead on that. Just to express what they feel about someone or something is not at all a good move. So many influencers have millions of fans and that gives them licence, but they should know this can be a transitory thing if they don’t pay attention to it.

Junaid Ansari,
By email

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