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A screenshot of Donald Trump's Twitter profile.

A screenshot of Donald Trump's Twitter profile.

It’s a good decision by Twitter boss Elon Musk to reinstate former US president Donald Trump’s Twitter account (“Trump Twitter account reappears after Musk poll,” Nov.20, Gulf Today website).

Donald Trump’s Twitter account was reinstated on Saturday after the platform’s new owner Elon Musk ran a poll in which a narrow majority of voters supported the move, days after the former US president announced another White House bid.

Earlier Elon Musk called on people to participate in a Twitter Trump poll to show what they want and then he will decide whether to reinstate Donald Trump or not.

Surprisingly after the given poll time, the Twitter Trump poll’s option ‘Yes’ appeared with 52 per cent and ‘No’ appeared with 48 per cent.  

As the supporters of Donald Trump want to have their leader on one of the top social media tools, Twitter, the former US president Donald Trump has to act responsibly to be part of the big Twitter family.

Shah Shahabuddin Khurram,
By email

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