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As the hi-tech world filled with the latest smartphones has taken over our lives it’s not just the lifestyle but even the habit of reading that has deteriorated. Unlike watching videos on social media platforms you name it not many love reading books.   The advent of e-learning coupled with several mass media tools has contributed to declining of the book reading habit. At your workplace, for instance, we might receive a lot of  Project Cycle Management instructions from various departments, and each of us finds it a prerogative whether to read it or not.

What’s even worse is if the write-up is even light. I personally received feeds and criticism from my significant others to make my write-up short. Some adults themselves have no clue about what’s happening around the world as they are so obsessed with their smartphones sitting on social media tools, chatting, and playing with their latest gadgets what with new software and applications reaching our phones.

Hop into the metro and you will see most commuters fiddling and flicking, watching videos, and playing games which are of course completely their choice. Thanks for giving us free Wifi on almost all forms of civic transport.

Sadly, I see even people in church using their phones to read scriptures. Developing a reading habit whether it’s a newspaper or a book is bound to have a multi-dimensional personality.  They say that there are a thousand ways to nurture and mould a mind and none better than reading. He/she stands apart from the average crowd on the sheer basis of knowledge and understanding. Reading can certainly initiate a new door in the minds of everyone. They can be good friends and at the same time enhance their experience and perspective. Also, they can have different themes that can add elements of thrill and charm to their knowledge. Through reading one will be more imaginative and vivid. Lastly, they are more likely to have stronger bonds with people around them in society.

Mathew Litty — Dubai

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