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Tragic incident


A view of the bridge after it collapsed in Morbi town, Gujarat, on Sunday. Reuters

The Indian suspension bridge collapse that killed more than 132 is a totally human tragedy, it’s so painful that the unfortunate incident took innocent lives in the western Indian state of Gujarat (“India suspension bridge collapse kills 132,” Oct. 31, Gulf Today website).

According to the report, military teams were hunting on Monday for people missing after a century-old cable suspension bridge collapsed into a river on Sunday in the western Indian state of Gujarat, sending hundreds plunging into the water and killing at least 132 in one of the worst accidents in the country in the past decade.

At least 177 survivors were pulled from the river and teams from the army, navy and air force were searching for others still missing, said Jigar Khunt, an information department official in Gujarat said.

Live video reports showed hundreds of others desperately clinging to the broken structure and trying to make their way to safety, as crowds onshore shouted or swam to try to rescue those who had fallen in.

I am sure that the Indian government is capable and will not leave any stone unturned to rescue missing people, and to provide complete treatment to 177 survivors of the tragedy.

I would like to register my deep sorrow to the people who lost their beloved family members and pray for survivors to get well soon and start their new lease of life again.

Ahmed Shah — By email

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