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Smooth ride

Sharjah Driving Institute

The Sharjah Driving Institute has been rendering valuable services to the community.

I have taken Driving Licence from Sharjah recently. I must share my wonderful experience with your readers. Despite the fact that I have been living in this country for more than a decade, I did not have the confidence to go for it.

I was sort of scared person when it came to driving. I always believed that learning how to drive here would be very much difficult and challenging. I had fearful thought. I could never visualise myself driving here. But my pseudo belief or fear vanished the moment I started learning how to park a car.  

In only a week’s time, I could feel that I can drive a car. The kind of training instructors impart here is something commendable. I could see myself learning this wonderful art day by day with the help of my trainer.

Even theory test before parking is amazing. It was great sitting in the classroom, listening to the instructor and clearing doubts. Trainers in Sharjah are well-trained and they made me very confident in only a couple of weeks.

Even the assessment system is very good. This gives us lots of confidence.  No wonder, people here drive so nicely and follow discipline strictly.  

I also failed a couple of times during the whole process but that made me more responsible and confident. I must thank the Government of Sharjah for having such a fantastic system of licensing and training.  I will always be thankful to this country for giving me confidence to drive.

Zaina. H,
By email

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