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Bollywood matters


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Bollywood is widely respected and loved for its wide body of works. It has been entertaining us for endless decades. It has given us innumerable stars and memorable films in all these years. Each and every actor has their own fan following. As we know Indian film industry has many actors, actresses, directors, technicians, lyricists and so on. And it is quite natural that not all of them will get along in their creative journey.

There are bound to have creative differences.  Some call it a camp or group, other says it is hegemony, while others feel it is a family business.  But whatever people say, for us it is just a Bollywood and we all love them very much. Bollywood films are the source of entertainment for us and that’s why we love them. But with the onset of social media or digital platform, actors, actresses or filmmakers are always seen expressing themselves bluntly.

They publicly criticise their fellow actors or directors. I feel Bollywood stars should restraint themselves from passing comments about their colleagues in public. They are widely heard and idolized hence they should have patience and should focus on what they are expected to do. If I look back, I remember I have never read Dilip Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan, Jitendra, Yash Chopra or Subhash Ghai saying something unpleasant about others, despite the fact that tabloid journalism existed in those days. Younger generation should abstain from showing their liking or disliking to public.

Prashant Mishra, By email

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