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Illustrative image.

Illustrative image.

Are you sleeping, are you sleeping brother John, brother John morning bells are ringing, morning bells are ringing ding ding dong.....ding ding dong.

As the hot climate is getting dry and temperatures dropping it’s time for kids, teachers, and high school students to wake up and pack their bags for another long semester.

From online training courses and schooling, it’s back to offline training. Summer days are melting away as school bells prepare to chime. However, I always see some dads and mums never learn from their lessons. I go insane to see parents rushing from one stationary shop to another dashing around trying to grab their kid’s school uniforms only to get annoyed when they can’t find the right size or proper fittings.

Some would even sprint to the rails and distract other mums and dads to grab the last pair of uniforms or else might end up wearing night dresses and going to school.

Not seeing the yellow school buses on the roads during the summer months was certainly a relief for me. As schools were shut for the long summer holidays, many families and friends headed back to their hometowns to get a little respite from the heat now that everything is back to normal with COVID restrictions eased out while there were many families who stayed back due to the exorbitant rise in the ticket fares.

Well, it’s time for students to pack their bags and get back in full swing, preparing their last-minute homework projects case studies, and various other assignments. But I am sure when pupils get back to school there would be more fun and excitement that will unfold. Pupils will be longing to meet their buddies hugging them, meeting up, and anxiously waiting to hear what odious task they did during their summer holidays. It will be tiring for students to get back as they would have to brush their school bags giving them a nice and shiny look, freshen up themself, and look spic and span.

Kids have to wake up early and pack themselves while their parents would be busy cooking the last-minute breakfast and lunch. I know you can’t wait to get back to school. So, get back to school for some studying whilst I pack my bags not to go to school or the office but for my long holidays back home to relish the Onam festival during the September month and lay back for some hush far from the hustle and bustle.

Mathew Litty,

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