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Clash of titans


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Cricket fans in the UAE are looking forward to Aug.28, when the two most admired teams of the world, India and Pakistan, will clash during the much-awaited Asia Cup. The Asia Cup’s highly-anticipated game between the sporting rivals will generate a lot of excitement. TV channels have already started talking about it. Cricket fans have already booked their day to be at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium. The rush to buy tickets has already started. Excitement is palpable everywhere.

Everybody here is talking about it only. Even many ardent fans from India and Pakistan have booked their tickets to fly down to Dubai to become part of the clash, which is definitely going to be a memorable affair. Nothing is as exciting as an India-Pak clash for cricket fans.  It does not matter who wins or lose, what matters is the contest between the two. If we look at the Pakistan side, then they will bank on their world-class pacers, while India will bank on their all-rounders. Indian captain Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli are struggling with their form. A lot will depend on other batters. Let’s see how it goes.

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