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Billions of people are using Google 24/7 around the world. Yes, there was a problem while users were accessing some Google services, but now I think the problem is solved (“Google outage reported by tens of thousands of users,” Aug. 9, Gulf Today website).

Google is the most popular software site that provides users various services in the world of internet. More than 40,000 users, including in New York City and Denver, Colorado, reported disruptions when trying to use Google’s services, particularly the maps and search engine. After around two hours, reports of the outage began tapering, but a small number of users continued to report trouble accessing Google’s cloud and calendar functions, according to Downdetector.

“We’re aware of a software update issue that occurred late this afternoon Pacific Time and briefly affected availability of Google Search and Maps, and we apologize for the inconvenience,” a Google spokesperson said.

Because of information technology, the world has become a global village. Virtual social connectivity has become a matter of seconds no matter which part of the world people are living.

The Google services around the world are laudable. Google provides huge services to the people in the era of information technology so now people are used to it.   

Qaleem Sharif,
By email

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