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Respect life

A kid is being examined by a doctor in a Nigeria refugee camp. (Image: UN)

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Not all human beings are the same. Our life is gorgeous but not always easy. If we look at it the problems, we have maybe nothing likened to others. There are sorrows, happiness, tears, and anger emotions.

No one is strong and powerful, rich or poor who has never experienced scuffles and woes. No wonder I love to socialise with qualitative folks and get to know people especially since I am in the field of Media. We learn from them. Life won’t be always with sweets and roses.

Without failure, there won’t be success and as the saying goes, we always “try try again till we succeed”. That’s how famous people have come up. What is wrong is running and struggling to impersonate them when we need to start from scratch.

If we need to go and get some water, we have to get it as that’s the challenge. Just like how a student who burns the midnight candle trying to mug up and read his notes to do well in this exam we all have challenges in life.  

Let’s gear ourselves self-up and what the world needs is peace. Life is like a rose but it has challenges that are like thorns and have to be faced and overcome by all. Those who accept will succeed. We fix ourselves without indulging in any other muted activity and then we fix others and the world. With this, I decided to keep shhh!! talk unwelcome less, observe and explore more through reading  and continue with my daily regime of exercise and yoga to control my stress levels. Enjoy life but be prepared to bear the pricks of pain.   

Mathew Litty,

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