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Before I went to bed for a good night’s doze, my wife and I spent a few minutes praying to the Almighty for all that he has done in the past and what he is doing to keep us moving.

One thing we don’t hope to mention is the life that he has given us despite the hurdles and challenges. I take a sigh when I jot this down. We never know how time flashes past as we grow older. Rewinding my life back in the UAE I can only imagine how pacific it was. When you’re a student you have pressure from your families to score well in studies. My parents were the ones who used to get worked up over my education, whether I would score good grades. A lot of twists in our lifestyle in today’s era should be what we need to look forward to. Someone else’s problem is now our problem when each of us has enough on our plate. Masses living in this world are going through myriad incidents and episodes one after the other. When you hear it from them, they may be in tears but not us. Put yourself in their shoes.

Some would shun it as they face the negativity and the horrid response of society whilst some are brave enough to address their concerns let it be health, finance, career, work, the family you name it. When I am down or low I head to my brother’s flat lying on his cold couch for some little chai and chit-chat.

This is why I also personally love the light music when I am driving down anywhere as music gives you relief especially when you comprehend its lyrics. Thanks to YouTube and the awesome videos I see about humanity and life experiences people go through whilst many of us whine and rant about making more money, buying big houses or even a luxury vehicle but backstab others in today’s society.

Mathew Litty,

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