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Great work by UAE authorities

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The quick response from the government entities and volunteers to save people struggling with heavy rain and floods in the United Arab Emirates is highly laudable (“Volunteers playing vital role in rescue operations: UAE Ministry of Interior,” July 28, Gulf Today website).

The UAE authorities have deployed a number of volunteers to look after the wellbeing of people rescued from the rain-hit areas.

Brigadier General Dr Ali Salem Al Tunaiji, the Ministry of Interior spokesman, gave this information during the media briefing on Thursday.

“Around 60 volunteers are taking care of families after their transfer to hotel housing units, especially families of senior citizens, children, and families who have no breadwinner or need help during the emergency shelter period,” said Al Tunaiji. The great nations like the United Arab Emirates always respond quickly when they see their people facing any kind of challenge.

I appreciate the volunteers’ role at a time like this when people need their help most.

Junaida — By email

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