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GoChat Messenger is a global application that can be downloaded by anyone in the world, only requiring a mobile number for registration.

Great news for the United Arab Emirates’ residents to enjoy a free social media tool launched by the Etisalat ‘GoChat Messenger’ app for free voice and video calls any time 24/7 (“Etisalat launches ‘GoChat Messenger’ app for free voice and video calls in UAE,” July 1 Gulf Today website).

According to the news report, Etisalat UAE, branded as Etisalat by e&, announced the launch of GoChat Messenger, an all-in-one free voice and video calling app, giving customers the flexibility of accessing unique features within one application. GoChat Messenger offers a hassle-free experience for customers to easily make and receive voice and video calls, chat with friends and family, transfer money to their families, pay bills, play games, and stay updated with the latest news and events.

A great initiative taken by the Etisalat UAE to provide relief in the shape of GoChat Messenger to the customers who live in the United Arab Emirates. Now people can connect with each other on social media for free and transfer money to their families, and pay bills as well easily.

I am sure it was the desire of the people to get and enjoy an app like GoChat Messenger in the United Arab Emirates so they can easily connect with each other all the time.

I would like to thank and appreciate the decision on GoChat Messenger taken by the Etisalat UAE, one of the great telecommunication service providers in the UAE.

Imran Qauser — By email 

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