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Rahul Gandhi. File

This refers to the report ‘Congress will work to unite India,’ (July 3, Gulf Today).

Before uniting India, it is imperative on Rahul to unite party workers. Leaders are leaving the party, losing power from state after state. They lost power in Maharashtra recently. The might of the oldest party in India is declining. There are only two reasons.

One is dynastic politics, and the other one is the strength of the BJP in garnering vast support.

Apart from the BJP and Left, all other political parties in India are either managed by families or individual leaders. India is not a kingdom or union of regional Kings or Queens.

People do not like this. This weakness of opposition parties makes the BJP stronger and stronger. Congress can’t do anything to reduce the influence of the BJP. But they can do two things — better governance in remaining two states and elimination of dynastic leadership in the party.

Make a model state to show the rest of the country as to how an ideal state looks like. Congress is aspiring for progress but it is not ready to change. We all know that progress is impossible without change.

Girish R Edathitta — Pathanamthitta, Kerala

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