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Indeed sad!


Afghan villagers collects belongings from under the rubble of a home in the Spera District. File/AP

This refers to the report ‘1,000 killed, 1,500 injured as powerful quake jolts Afghanistan’, 23 June 2022.

It is quite a pathetic situation that natural calamity struck the already struggling Afghan people.

It is the time for the UN, European Union and the neighbouring countries to offer quick assistance to the survivors who had lost their property and close family members in the tragic event.

The unfortunate incident could further realise that the country may not have sufficient medical facilities to accommodate the injured or the survivors who require severe and immediate medical attention.  Therefore, it is the time for solidarity with a true human touch to save the lives of those still in the rubbles.

Though natural calamities cannot be predicted, immediate evacuation and medical assistance to the injured are the most crucial part. And to perform such action adequate infrastructure, medical, transport fleet and communication facilities are to move swiftly.

Let’s hope the world will unite and offer quick assistance the struggling people by providing food, temporary shelter and medical support.

Ramachandran Nair,


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