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Summer vibes

Morning Walk

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I am now 77 kilogrammes and summertime just makes me more fit. Try to reckon the humidity in the month of July and August. This is just a refreshment, especially for all those who just headed down to Dubai for visits and jobs.

I had an acquaintance who tagged me asking me if he can buy a car as he could not endure the heat walking down to the bus station.

School-going students will be all in the midst of concocting their last-minute reviews for their exams before wadding their bags for the long holidays. One of the best times for travel agents to keep themselves busy with travel reservations.  

Despite the hottest weather of the year, the kids like it most as they get summer holidays to make fun of in many ways. Some would not even compromise going to the beach before the sun sets.

Luckily for me, I can save my energy walking down early morning to the office as I still work from home with my table fan on set near my bureau.

Hats off to the delivery boys, messengers, and drivers who are toiling in day and night to make both ends meet whilst many of us sit in closed-air habituation rooms.

Time to crave some ice cream and head for coastal resorts, undulating areas, seashores, cold spots, camps, or eat al fresco. Wearing loose outfits, enjoying swimming, eating seasonal fruits, and drinking lots of cold water should be what most ought to do.  

Many people living in urban areas cannot tolerate too much heat, due to which they go for summer holidays with their children to coastal resorts, hilly areas, shores, cold spots, camps, or picnics. They enjoy swimming, eating seasonal fruits of summer, and drinking cold drinks. For some people, the summer season is good because they entertain and have fun on those days. However, this season is unbearable for the people living in rural areas, due to the lack of heat relief resources.

Generally, people go for a walk before sunset, because it gives them a sense of happiness, calmness and fresh air which I am loving. On a final note, we act positively towards this ever-increasing temperature enjoying the summers by using comfortable resources but not by crossing the limit. We stay safe and clean. Let me have some cold crunch punch munch.

Mathew Litty,

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