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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

It appears that Kim Kardashian may have damaged Marilyn Monroe’s dress, but no one seems too certain of the damage done. The dress is almost 80 years old so some wear and tear could be expected although it seems that it hasn’t been worn that often.

The real issue is who cares and why is this such a big story? There is still a pandemic happening, a war in the Ukraine is killing thousands, the climate change is causing so much destruction, and a fallen president, actually dropped rather than fallen, is still front-page news. What is really important and what should the world’s media priorities be?

The obsession with social media, actually often unsocial in reality, has changed how people see the world. The US declaration of Independence states the obvious, although needing a gender update, fact “that all men are created equal” and they should be treated so. Why are there influences proving many people ill-informed advice on many topics? This could be financial advice to buy Bitcoin, don’t! or to try alternative treatments for COVID, don’t! or advice on who to vote for, don’t follow their advice but become informed and then vote.

The only important item from the dress story is that Kim lost 16lbs (7kgs) in three weeks to fit into it and a number of medical authorities have commented that this approach is unhealthy.

It’s time for the media to return to meaningful and accurate reporting, at least the newspapers since it appears that social media platforms have already lost the plot.

Dennis Fitzgerald,
Melbourne, Australia

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