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Huge achievement


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The UAE has achieved the desired goal of the National COVID-19 vaccination campaign and announced the completion of 100 per cent vaccination and immunisation of the target groups in the country (“UAE achieves 100 per cent COVID-19 vaccination target,” June 2, 2022, Gulf Today online edition).

I must congratulate leaders of the UAE for the success of this campaign. I can’t forget the day when the COVID-19 pandemic had struck us 2 years ago.

We were all in a state of fear and uncertainty. We were clueless and scared about our future. But it was the leaders of the UAE who came forward and started talking to us.

They made sure we did not panic. They were with us throughout the tough times. In no time, they managed to set up COVID-19 testing centres all across the UAE, then the vaccination drive started. We all were encouraged to go in for vaccination. We felt we were in safe hands. And today the UAE has achieved the goal. I salute the leaders for their amazing management. I must congratulate healthcare professionals also for giving their best. They were ready to help us 24/7.

Sadaf Nayab,— By email

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