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Height of success

Nayla Al Baloushi

Emirati adventurer Nayla Al Baloushi became the first woman from the UAE to reach the top of Mt.Everest at 8848.86m. Nayla completed the feat on May 14, 2022, around 8am Nepal time (“Nayla Al Baloushi becomes first Emirati to scale Mount Everest,” May 26, Gulf Today online edition.)

This is an incredible achievement. Nayla will inspire lots of other women to dream big and then go after it. She has proved it is achievable. I appreciate Nayla for reaching the top of Mt. Everest.

This is something amazing. Nayla has made us proud with her achievement. Nayla’s record-breaking feat started three months ago. That included training, maintaining the body weight and acclimatising to extreme weather conditions.

Nayla said that it took her 10 days to reach the top from the base camp. She was accompanied by a Nepalese Sherpa guide. She stayed in two camps after leaving the base, staying for six days, which is considered the final launch ground to the top.

Girls in the UAE are feeling inspired after reading the success story of Nayla and are thinking of achieving something big in life.

Sadaf Hussain, — By email


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