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Digital break

Illustrative image.

Illustrative image.

Technology has become very handy for us these days. Our life now revolves around modern gadgets wherever we are, whether it is office or home. It has definitely made our life much easier.  Post-pandemic technology has got more acceptability. Work from home (WFH) and hybrid mode of learning or even online consultation with doctors in case of need are the buzzwords. These are the incredible developments we have seen post-pandemic. But we also should know when to stop or when to take a break. Too much of anything is bad.  

What concerns me is that these days we all are completely into a digital world. Even at home we are mostly surfing the net or checking latest deals on phone if we are not working.  Even when we step out for dinner we keep checking our phones. I noticed we hardly interact each other while sitting at the dining table. If we continue the same, then our social life would suffer badly. We are more worried about the digital world rather than the actual world. We should never forget that man is a social animal and society is what we need the most.

Zikra Haider,
By email

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