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Online or off?


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Sarah Taryam, Arts Editor

An addiction to social media can be a major problem for some people and we are seeing a lot more people addicted to it than ever. This week we take a look at how too much social media can have a negative impact on your daily life.

Apparently Facebook recorded more than two billion active users this year. That is a really high number. With that number comes a lot of problems for people. Social media addiction is a real thing and we need to be asking ourselves, are we addicted?

For those who find that they are unable to get off the online world comes a lot of struggles. They suffer from depression, anxiety and a number of other mental health problems. They are unable to complete simple tasks without scrolling through apps like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Snap Chat and the list goes on.

When someone realises they are relying too much on social media and wants to get back into the real world, there are a number of different ways to help. Going for walks in nature is known to help take your mind off your phone. We know it is getting hot, but the evenings are still great. Reading a good book or starting a new hobby are other ways to get offline.

For those who cannot seem to disengage there is professional help available. This may not seem needed but going by all the latest studies on this subject, it very much is needed. Will you be able to resist posting this weekend? Let us know.

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