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Great time


An inside view of a Ramadan Iftar tent which is being managed by the Sharjah Police.

We all are enjoying our time this Ramadan in the UAE. Life has returned to normalcy after almost two years. COVID-19 infection cases are also getting less day by day. It is wonderful to see mosques and Iftar tents operating normally this year. We all are enjoying the essence of the Holy Month after almost two years. I am sure the worst is over for all of us. We missed a lot of things during the pandemic.  We were not even allowed to go to mosques and guests were also not allowed to attend Iftar parties which is the main attraction of Ramadan.

We feel so happy to be living in the UAE, which has wonderfully managed the whole pandemic successfully by arranging testing and vaccination centres across the UAE. Now almost all the UAE residents are fully vaccinated and we feel safe and secure.  We hope and pray that we don’t get to witness such challenging times again in our lifetime. It was indeed the worst of times, but it is over. I appreciate the UAE leadership for managing the crisis so smoothly.

Rajesh Sharma,
By email

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