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We need Captain Imran


Imran Khan. File

Pakistan is in deep trouble politically these days as one of the most popular and honest Prime Ministers of Pakistan, Imran Khan, is left with no choice as all the opposition parties have ganged up against him.

The situation in Pakistan looks very precarious, we are not sure which way politics will move from here in a couple of weeks. This is indeed very sad for the country. We wanted Imran to continue his full term. It was the people of Pakistan who had voted him to be the PM, so we feel cheated at this juncture. I think those who have defected from the Pakistani Tehreek-e- Insaf (PTI) should be banned from supporting opposition parties because people had voted them to power for the sake of Imran Khan, not to support other political parties.

This is a clear case of cheating. I feel the Supreme Court should intervene in this matter and ban PTI politicians from going away from the party in the middle of the tenure. I hope Imran survives.

He has been working tirelessly for his nation. People like him for his honesty and integrity. We need a leader like him for our nation.

I am afraid Pakistan will go back again into the hands of Nawaaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari if Imran fails. We all have seen what these politicians have done for the nation. We need our captain for the victory for the country.

Shazia Hassan,— By email

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