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Low-key event

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish

Sarah Taryam, Arts Editor

The 64th Annual Grammy Awards took place earlier in the week with a disappointing tone to them. There are various reasons being stated for the lack of excitement surrounding the awards. This week we take a deeper look at why the show is not so popular anymore.

This year’s Grammys lacked star power both on the red carpet and in the audience. Kanye West and Taylor Swift were both nominated for Album of the Year but neither of them was there. Of course, we know Kanye was disinvited from performing due to his recent bad behaviour on social media, but no one seems to know why Swift failed to show up. Ariana Grande told fans ahead of time that she would not be attending.

The big scandal at the Oscars the week before probably played a part in the low-key feeling at the awards. I do not think that any person does not know about Will Smith slapping comedian Chris Rock live on stage. I still cannot believe it. Headlines dominated the Oscars for day afterwards and still till now. I seriously hope his award gets taken off him.

The red carpet lacked buzz and there were a notable number of social media stars walking it. One of them was Addison Rae who I only know from Kourtney Kardashian’s Instagram. Rae is big on TikTok. Controversial YouTuber and makeup artist James Charles was also on the carpet.

In other not so different news this week, turn to our Health pages to read about the ten things that people with alopecia want us to know. Jada Smith is the inspiration behind this piece just as she was the inspiration behind Will’s rage on stage.

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