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Imran an honest man


Imran Khan

Pakistan is an independent and sovereign country. Pakistan is proud to be the “only Muslim nuclear state in the world.” And the country is in the good hands of an honest man, Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan, who believes in respect, dignity and hard work (“I am not anti-American or anti-Indian, says Pakistan PM Imran Khan,” April 5, Gulf Today website).

Today Pakistan is going through its worst political turmoil. Imran Khan on Monday said he was “not anti-American” or “anti-Indian” or against any country, and wanted stronger relations with all nations based on mutual respect, honour and dignity.

During an interactive question and answer session with the public, the premier stated that he did not feel mal-intent towards the US, but rather aimed towards a mutual friendship with the superpower, free from interference in domestic affairs against public interest.

Imran Khan believes today’s unstable political situation in Pakistan is because of foreign interference in the personal matters of Pakistan and its independent foreign policy.

Khan said foreign powers are using corrupt, convicted old political faces against the elected government and want to de-seat him as head of the state.

Khan has made it clear that he was not anti-America, even said he is not anti-India, but added Pakistan has the right to move forward on its own independent foreign policy. He said Pakistan will be a partner in peace but will not be a partner in conflicts.

Imran Khan believes in an independent foreign policy which can be beneficial for people of Pakistan, and he respects other countries’ independent foreign policies as well as he praised his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi’s foreign policy before a crowd of hundreds of thousands of supporters in Islamabad.

Sultan Aslam,
By email

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