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Happy Ramadan!


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Muslim brothers spontaneously engage to convert every moment in redeeming the numerous rewards from the beloved Almighty by offering prayers, observing fast, distributing charity and practising noble deeds at the advent of the sacred month of Ramadan.

Fasting is a universal custom and is advocated by all the religions of the world, with more restrictions than others. The Islamic Fast, as opposed to mere starvation or self-denial, in an act of worship and obedience to Almighty, thanksgiving, forgiveness, spiritual training and self-examination.

Fasting is the spiritually uplifting practice of Islamic faith. The purpose of the fast is to help develop self-restraint, self-purification, Allah-consciousness, compassion, the spirit of caring, sharing, the love of humanity and the love of the universal Creator.

Fasting inculcates in us patience, selfness and gratitude. When we fast we feel the pains of deprivation and hunger and learn how to endure it patiently.

The institution of fasting is both unique and a shared experience in human history. From the very beginning of time, humans have struggled to master their physical and psychological selves, their bodies and their emotions.

 “Ramadan is the month where the food, sustenance and the earnings of a believing Muslim increase and they are blessed. It is the month to visit the poor, the sick and the needy to share their sorrow,” says the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) who was known for his noble humanitarian causes for social justice and universal peace. The real fact is that he himself preferred to live a very simple and humble life.

Ramadan is a blessed month for special reason. It is actually the month in which “Quran” was revealed, The Holy Book is a universal guidance for mankind. Faithful followers try to do an intense study of the Holy Quran in this month especially and evaluate their lives according to the standards and guidance described in it.

The dynamic institution of fasting is to discipline our social and moral behaviour and develop sympathy for the less fortunate. It2 is multi-functional and a comprehensive tool of change in various spheres of our lives including social and economic, intellectual and humanitarian, spiritual and physical. Private and public personal and common and all in one.

May this Ramadan bring change in our lives and make this planet a better place for mankind. We reciprocate to everyone have a blessed and Happy Ramadan!

Hanif A. Patel,
Gujarat, India

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