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Oscar moment

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I have always believed that social media platforms can be used for the betterment and I have always felt that we should use it for the constructive purpose. A number of times we have seen that one Instagram post or a tweet goes viral and in no time the concerned person gets unprecedented support from everywhere. This is the beauty of social media.

This is exactly what happened when “West side Story” star Rachel Zegler posted a story on Instagram that she was not invited for Oscar awards, hence she will watch the whole ceremony from her drawing room. She was badly upset and sad.

Soon after her post went out, Rachel got lots of supports from the industry stalwarts. Russ Tamblyn had tweeted in her support, “it was Academy’s duty to find Rachel a seat and Alec Baldwin tweeted that “he would buy Zegler two tickets to the show.”

Finally after two days, she had been invited to be a presenter at the ceremony. Her big moment came finally. This is the beauty of social media. People shower their supports wherever they are.  Oscars tickets are always hot commodities and this year were even more limited than usual because of efforts to maintain more space between guests to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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