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On the wrong note



Sarah Taryam, Arts Editor

We all have our favourite singers whose music we love and listen to. However, these super pop stars cannot always get it right. This week we are taking a look at some incredible singers who released a really bad song or two.

The American singer Lorde started her career with a bang. At only 16 she released the single “Royals” and burst onto the music charts with a large following. David Bowie called her “the future of music” at the time. After two hit albums she released a third titled “Solar Power.” It was not met with much enthusiasm, and there were many critics of a particular song, “Mood Ring.”

Justin Bieber is in a whole league of his own. I am definitely a fan; we also same the share birthday FYI. Bieber can do no wrong when it comes to his Beliebers (fans) but he did go off on a wrong note when he released “Yummy” in 2020. I mean, what was he thinking? It’s a song I would expect my two-year-old nephew to sing. Very strange indeed.

Lady Gaga rarely puts a foot wrong when it comes to her music and her acting. I am still horrified she did not receive an Oscar nomination for “House of Gucci.” This particular song doesn’t sound so bad, it was just the wrong collaboration. R Kelly featured on the track “Do What U Want” which raised eyebrows with its far from conservative lyrics. He is after all a convicted sex offender. Gaga has since rereleased the song as a duet with Christina Aguilera.

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