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Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi

Once again one of the oldest political parties Congress has failed to create an impact at the recently concluded Assembly Elections in five Indian states. The ruling party BJP as expected did a very good job in most of the states, while a rather young and inexperienced political party AAP captured Punjab by defeating Congress badly. AAP, under the leadership of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, managed to create a huge impact.

They repeated their magic like the way they had done in Delhi. But I feel there is something wrong with the approach of the Congress party. They need a new leader who can steer the Congress party ahead from here else they will be forgotten very soon. Rahul Gandhi and her sister Priyanka Gandhi Vadra failed to rejuvenate the ailing political party. In UP they got only two seats, while in Punjab they managed to get 18. In Uttarakhand they got 18 seats, and 12 seats they got in Goa. This is the worst performance by the Congress party.  

Time and again, the Congress party failed to create even little impact, yet they are unable to diagnose their problem. There is some serious issue with them for sure. They have to do some serious overhauling before the next election comes or else they will not be able to survive at all. They need to find a charismatic leader for their party who can revive the Congress once again else it would be too late for them. The method of election has completely changed in India. They should learn from AAP and BJP how to win elections, even for that matter Akhilesh Yadav did well for SP in UP despite so many challenges.

Ramesh Shukla,
By email

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