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Destination Dubai

Perfect beginning

A view of the Dubai International Airport.

I had only heard or read about the efficiency of Dubai International Airport while I was in India. Many of my friends and colleagues had experienced it last year, but I was able to witness this on Monday night. As we all know that iconic Dubai Expo 2020 is going to be over this month, so I with my few friends landed in Dubai on Monday night. We were pleasantly surprised to see the management at the airport. Within 30 minutes of landing we     were out of the airport. I was surprised to see how quickly I passed the immigration counter and got my baggage.

Though there were lots of passengers waiting at the immigration counter, in just 15 minutes the long queues vanished. I really appreciate the service Dubai airport offered to passengers.  We all fell in love with the city. We were tired and had a very long journey but the moment we stepped out of the airport, we felt rejuvenated.  We know it takes time at the airport when there are more flights but Dubai is a very different. The way it manages travellers is something incredible. You feel you are in Dubai. I have travelled to many countries in the past but my experience of Dubai is something amazing. No wonders lots of Indian and other tourists throng Dubai to spend weekends and they all love to be in Dubai.

Pramod Sinha,
By email

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