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Life is good

social distancing

Social distancing has given us a way to hang out with family and friends yet still stay safe.

The COVID-19 pandemic had derailed our life. Worldwide people had to cut short their future plans. We almost stopped travelling and avoided meeting with our near and dear ones for more than a year. A large number of people have lost their lives globally, but at the same time, pandemic has taught us so many things also.  Like we learnt to enjoy each and every moment. We managed to spent good time at home.  So many people learnt the art of cooking or painting.  Those who had passion for music honed their singing skills.  Most of us also did introspection. A lot of us could read many books during the pandemic.  We also realised the importance of friends and family members. Post-pandemic we have started giving them more importance.

Now, we realised how important is it to meet them. Many of us could spend quality time with our kids during lockdown.  We also realised the importance of freedom. We had never ever realised the importance of freedom before pandemic.  Now, things are getting better worldwide, so we hope we will become better human beings and we would appreciate everything in life and no more cribbing.

Shahzaz Ali,
By email

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