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Balancing act


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Ever since I have been working from home I have mastered tweaking my timings and balancing them only to marshal a healthy lifestyle. Most imperatively this implies me being fit and active.

As the world is globally suffering from this ongoing pandemic the interaction among your peers, colleagues is very limited with social distancing in place. The disastrous COVID is here to linger with us, unfortunately.

I always nudge my wife that the more fit you are the fewer chances for you to get sick and she is in the medical field is well aware and abreast with the latest happenings about COVID.  

Now, that the climate is very pleasant I never skip doing a few cardio at home which involves serene yoga as well and this is something that now I cannot inhabit without. Although we say that working out early morning adds a big difference most of us love to work out in the evening which also does help as long as we know what we are doing.

Some of the best ideal times that we get unlike the occasions when we are most of the time at work and again the daily monotonous commute. Doing some form of exercise is an easy and free way to boost both your mental and physical health, and now is the ideal time to try a new activity for those of you who are still wedged.  

Physical activity helps my body and mind in many ways. The more I walk, inhale and exhale, carry out a few rounds of jog the more stress it relieves making a big difference in my lifestyle. To add, burning out calories and being in shape adds more confidence to my personality and style.  

All this leads to better doze and improves my immune system. Most importantly and highly noticeable it helps me lose weight.

Let it be a dance, a Zumba as long as you find it effective then you surely love what you’re doing. Encourage your loved ones, who you’re no doubt spending a lot of time with right now, to take a moment to move their bodies too. With the frantic lifestyle, our body needs a lot of work out.

Yes with the present situation each of us needs to be extra cautious and vigilant with our surroundings but this does not give us an excuse to say a “No” to exercise.  With this, I am now planning to switch to another aerobic activity “cycling”.

Mathew Litty

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