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Good sign

New Delhi's border has been barricaded during lockdown. Reuters

New Delhi's border has been barricaded during lockdown. Reuters

It is a good sign for Delhiites. New Delhi has been managing Pandemic since the beginning and had imposed many lockdowns in the past to curb infection.  Restrictions are necessary but at the same time lots of businesses are only done on weekends in India’s capital.

So many markets and so many eating joints only manage their businesses on weekends, hope they can go back to their normal routine soon. Though it is not clear whether things can return as it would to be in the past but still it is a good sign and we can be hopeful for the future (“India Capital New Delhi to lift weekend curfew as COVID-19 cases fall,” Jan.21, Gulf Today online edition.)

India’s capital is set to lift a weekend curfew and allow private offices to be partially staffed after a fall in new COVID-19 infections, a city government official said on Friday.

The number of new cases in New Delhi has more than halved from a peak of 28,867 on Jan.13 and more than 80% of COVID beds across the city’s hospitals were unoccupied, according to government data. The city imposed the curfew on Jan.4 and ordered schools and restaurants to close as infections caused by the highly transmissible Omicron variant surged. New Delhi is such a huge city where life hardly stops for a second, but this Pandemic has derailed lives completely. But we are still positive about the future. I also appreciate Delhi Government for putting their effort in managing things.

Kashif Bilal
By email

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