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Golden days


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We had no tabs, mobiles, and smartphones to fiddle and fickle in the academy. There was nothing like Google or even the internet. When we were asked to carry out a project or a case study we had to sit and use our intelligence jotting ideas with pen and paper be it Marketing, History, Science, etc.

How charmed today’s young lads are who have the pleasure and facility of sitting back home and doing distance learning without heading to school?

This practice kickstarted ever since the start of COVID, especially the time when most of the school-going students were isolated due to the tedious lockdown. With Zoom meetings put in place full-fledged, I see students and teachers taking a lot of advantage.

Some think that distance learning can bring more benefits than schools. Compared with learning at school distance learning could divert attention from learning for students to focus on gizmos. To add the teamwork spirit can be cultivated by schooling.

Way back if I reminisce about my good old days in school we had limited time to interact with limited activities besides the physical education and break time when some of us used to head for sports whilst others like me used to sit back in class and munch something from my tiffin box.

It was full-time academics with books and registers we had to carry even when we had to walk down to attend private tutoring. The education system was quite rigid that we had to just focus on books to clear exams with good grades.

I see pupils now more open, advanced, informative and even the teachers who are tech savvy as when the time changes they all have gotten well versed and equipped with the latest technology.  Examinations have gone through a makeover where there is now a provision made for continuous assessment as opposed to the older style of a single annual exam.

Teaching and learning have now become more friendly with the help of our various hi-tech devices that you can sit in any corner of your comfort zone and conduct classes.

Whilst we encourage this move forward personally I feel that there should be a balance as too much distance learning and exposure to systems can cause anxiety and health issues which can have an impact in the long run. Students can also act out, seclude themselves and not converse with their families leaving room for being dissociated.

Mathew Litty,

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