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Be the champion


Novak Djokovic

The current Australian Tennis Open’s champion, Djokovic, has returned to protect his title, almost. He has been stopped at the border.

As his vaccination status is unknown his upcoming arrival has been condemned by most Australians. The lockdowns have been severe in order to protect the masses including not being allowed to visit dying relatives and then only allowing ten people to attend the funeral, but a number of people have tried to bypass the rules.

Djokovic has been reported as having had COVID and is generally believed to not be vaccinated based on his views and yet he travels around and intends to play in Australia. The next step will be to go to court to get into Australia. Given how many have died from COVID how can one person, and his team, be so ignorant to think they can ignore the restrictions and public opinion to earn a big pay check.

Be the champion you have been and go home now till you can prove you are vaccinated.

Dennis Fitzgerald
Melbourne, Australia

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