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Golden age

Social Media Giants

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Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Linkedin and many more such apps have really transformed our lives for the betterment. The speed with which the digital world is moving ahead is something unbelievable. The entire world has become a global village, where access to information is very fast.

I come from a generation where even simple communication was a tedious task, but now technological advancement has made everyone’s life easier and smooth. There was a time when we would wait for weeks and weeks to get even daily newspapers or weekly magazines. We would receive New Year’s greetings cards in the month of February, while we would spent hours and hours in the college library to find out brief information about William Shakespeare or Thomas Hardy, Madame Curie or Mahatma Gandhi. Writing features on historical figures was a very daunting task. It would consume lots of time and energy then. But today, if you look around it takes minutes to get all the details.  I feel so fortunate to have seen both the times. I believe and hope today’s generation kids use this technological revolution and access information for the betterment of their career and character.

Sharqa Siddique
By email

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