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Incredible step


Imran Khan

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan deserves full praise for the way he has been leading his country. Despite many challenges, Khan is steering his country towards a better and brighter future.

He has set an example that if you have a will then you can make a difference in the lives of citizens and that is what he has been doing since he has become prime minister of Pakistan. He is trying to deliver what he has promised so far(“PM launches health insurance scheme for Punjab residents,” Dec.14, Gulf Today.)

This is such an incredible step. This is indeed a landmark scheme. Every citizen deserves basic things irrespective of the situation, like food, shelter, education, and healthcare facilities.

Khan’s vision for his people is very much clear in his action.

He knows what his countrymen need the most. By introducing a new healthcare system, lives of ordinary Pakistani citizens will improve by leaps and bounds.

Hope this scheme becomes successful and should be introduced in all the states. We hope Khan’s vision of governance gets fulfilled.  Full praise to those who are working hard to make the scheme successful.

Rashid Kamal
By email

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