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In UAE commitment beats the tardy

Shaadaab S. Bakht


Shaadaab S. Bakht, who worked for famous Indian dailies The Telegraph, The Pioneer, The Sentinel and wrote political commentaries for, is Gulf Today’s Executive Editor.


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Undeterred by an unsparing weather pattern and an equally heartless sun a set of august leaders, headed by the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Al Nahyan, decided to entirely revolutionise what they were born into. Their landscape was arid, not commitment. And of that indomitable and deep-seated commitment was born the United Arab Emirates.

Winters are always a pleasure here and real pleasure it was. On December 2, 1971, the fabric of liberty and lavish life began to be woven. It hasn’t only thickened since. It has spread too. I suppose ethical threads don’t tire.

Soon foul weather became a thing of the past, dwellings began to be cooled permanently and plants began to be nourished to enviable health.

Not only does the nation believe in looking after those who walk below its flag, but also those who live far away from it.

And the tectonic shift was made possible by a leadership that decided to realise living man and known universe’s biggest dream, freedom. Freedom from unbearable heat, freedom from ceaseless muddy tracts, freedom from unguarded sand blows, freedom from crumbling houses, freedom from sleepless nights, freedom from lack of vegetation and, of course, freedom from lack of potable water.


The United Arab Emirates has rightly been described not once, not twice, not thrice but several times as an emulative block of the entire civilisational process.

The leadership, though born to overlook the sea, never rested on their oars. They blew to smithereens every conceivable manmade hurdle with sheer conviction.

You can drive from Abu Dhabi to Ras Al Khaimah and check it out for yourself. So

much has been unquestionably achieved so soon. Because at base is a humane polity.

UAE National Day

The UAE is young, but laudably traditional. It has changed but not at its own cost. The land felt the need to grow, but never ape the so-called developed world.

The glittering architecture of its buildings and malls is very well complemented with the shining minarets of a belief that made history change its course.

And out of the minarets flow promises of harmony and calls to value the oneness of man and the ceaseless energy of the omnipotent. The United Arab Emirates’ zero tolerance approach to crimes of corruption and bribery has won it a place in the hearts of millions.

Not only does the nation believe in looking after those who walk below its flag, but also those who live far away from it.

The country flies across the world aid worth millions of dollars each year. It is part of the “humanitarian diplomacy” the leadership speaks of and that’s so heartwarming.

It also underlines our belief that tears, no matter how far they are from us, need to be wiped off.

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