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Get vaccinated


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In many parts of the world, or at least first world countries, the vaccination rates have reached a high enough level that we can return to an almost normal life. There are still some restrictions on travel, mask wearing is required in some circumstances and those that are not double vaccinated are excluded from some venues and activities.

The last item, some exclusions, is causing trouble when a group of people might go out for a meal and those that cannot prove their double vaccinated status or medical exemption are denied entry. They would be disappointed, but it is for the benefit of the majority as well as themselves.

The problem that is occurring is that some of the excluded are resorting to yelling and even violence as a result and trying to force their way in or attacking people. From personal observation, most of the ‘gate keepers’ are young employees with no real authority or means of stopping these people. As this has been reported in the media, a number of people including politicians are suggesting that all restrictions should be removed to prevent these conflicts although allowing for a higher chance of COVID being spread. Since when should bullies get their way and have their poor behaviour supported by politicians? Don’t let them get their way. Basically Vax-Up or stay out.

Dennis Fitzgerald — Melbourne, Australia

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