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Imran shows the way


Imran Khan

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan was indeed an extraordinary cricketer of his generation. He was an inspiring captain of his time who led his team to the World Cup victory in 1992. He was a charismatic sportsman who inspired lots of cricketers globally. A well-developed mind peppered with education, he was indeed a delight to watch on and off the filed.  

(“Imran named International Sports Personality by MBR Awards,” Nov.24, Gulf Today.) Khan deserves this award. It is a great moment for all Pakistanis living in the UAE. We are also thankful to  Mohammad Bin Rashid Creative Sports Award for bestowing this award on Khan. 

In a game which very much belonged to English and Australians at one point of time, Khan managed to create a space for himself with his craft and sheer hard work. He had become a symbol of hope and inspiration for Asian cricketers. He was a very much-loved cricketer of his time. People would throng cricket stadiums everywhere in the world to watch this stylish and handsome man.

Now, Khan is into full-fledged politics. He is the prime minister of Pakistan and is doing his best to steer his country ahead. He has managed to win hearts and minds of his countrymen with his sheer honesty, hard work and commitment in his second innings in politics. This award will reinforce him to carry on his mission to serve the nation for the betterment.

Sadaqat Hussian
By Email

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