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Time to ‘Stop’

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This is with reference to the news items published on Gulf Today online edition on Nov.22, “Dhs500 fine for not abiding by the ‘Stop’ signs in UAE.”  The Joint Committee for Traffic Safety in Abu Dhabi launched an awareness campaign to enhance road safety and security in the emirate. The campaign aims at educating the public about the rules of the “Stop” sign and the importance of adhering to it in order to maintain the safety of road users, and to avoid accidents and traffic violations.

We know that the UAE Government has been constantly working hard on improving road safety for its citizens.  I hope now motorists will abide by the rule sincerely. I am of the view that motorists should follow the safety rules in order to have smooth functioning on the road.  Our drive on the road becomes much easier if we obey traffic rules. We just need to be little conscious and that’s it. It does not consume time or energy, it is just a matter of few seconds only.  We only need to change our attitude for the betterment of our own country.  As a responsible citizen we should cooperate the government. This is our duty also. Meanwhile, parents should also always teach their kids since the beginning about traffic rules and regulations. In fact, many schools in the UAE do such exercise to create an awareness amongst kids from the very beginning, so that when they grow they become a responsible citizens.    

Shahnawaz Alam
By email

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