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When actor talks

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut

One of the most talented Bollywood actors of her generation, Kangana Ranaut’s journey from a humble beginning to a bankable star is an inspiration for many aspiring actors or singers. Multiple National-awards winning actress Kangana has really worked hard to create a niche for herself in the cut-throat film industry, where you need either a guide or godfather, but she managed to sail it through all alone.

If you look at her filmography you would realise how talented and fearless actress she is. She has tried every kind of roles she was being offered and she has never hesitated in trying out any roles, whether it was her character in “Gangster,” “Fashion,” “Tanu Weds Manu,” “Queen” and “Revolver Rani.”

She deserves praise for her extraordinary success, but as a fan what upsets most of us is her exceptional ability to create controversy by commenting on almost any issue or person. She has suddenly become a social commentator and she feels an urge to be the first to pass on comments on any national and international issues. I feel as an actor she should refrain herself from indulging in such controversies. She should focus on her career and she should keep contributing through her cinematic medium. We have lots of politicians, social workers and thinkers who are keeping an eye on social and political issues.

Jyoti Krishna
By email

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