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Safety first

Sharjah Police

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The traffic management in the UAE is a world-class. The kind of training a new motorist gets here for the licence is superb and of a very high standard.

A very scientific and exhaustive training method is provided by driving schools to make sure a driver becomes perfect in his skill and approach.

Roads and signs are so visible that driving is easier, comfortable and very smooth as compared to other countries. Road manners are of very quality. People have a huge respect for fellow motorists. (“Abu Dhabi police warn of the danger of not obeying traffic rules, shares accident videos,” Nov.20, Gulf Today online edition.)

It is indeed sad to see people still driving so badly and not obeying traffic rules which can become dangerous and fatal. Most of the time an accident takes place only because of not following the traffic rules. As a sensible citizen we should always drive safely. This also helps us to protect our life and of course others as well.

By deviating from the norm we don’t only put our life in danger but others too. The UAE, which is such a peaceful and lovely country where the government is working so hard to make its citizens and residents life smooth, hence we should also obey traffic rules and cooperate with the government department. Since we are  responsible citizens we should be sincere in our approach.

Ali Sadaf Raza
By email

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